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The creation and consolidation of a new habit takes 66 days. It is a lot or little? Depends on how motivated you are. What drives you is the desire to change your life? Well, then you have every chance. The habits listed below may seem frivolous, but, believe me, they lead to significant changes.

1. Choose 3-4 priorities every day

Perhaps this is one of the most effective strategies to remain a productive. Focus on what leads you to the result, brings you to achieve short -term and long -term goals.

But how to continue to concentrate when something is constantly distracting us throughout the day? The answer is simple: limiting the possibility of choosing. Each morning, find what you want to do in a day, and then focus on the performance of three or four small tasks. Managed to do something else? Great, consider it a pleasant bonus.

2. Read at least an hour every day

We are too busy for this, and some just do not like to read. And yet this is so -so excuse, because reading helps to think better and express thoughts. If you start doing this every day, then most likely you will soon stop hating this activity, and perhaps even love.

3. Sleep for 7-8 hours every night

There is no such task because of which it is worth depriving yourself of sleep and the whole next day to feel tired and broken. Some argue that they have enough 4-5 hours a day, but, firstly, it is not clear how the sleep shortage affects them in the long run, and secondly, such lucky ones are clearly not the majority.

4. Walk at least half an hour a day

You can’t allocate for a walk at least 30 minutes a day? Alas, this most likely means that you do not control your life. Movement, fresh air, the ability to switch is useful for both the body and the psyche.

5. Train regularly

And if possible, using different parts of the body and muscle group. Thousands of articles are written about the benefits of physical exertion, we will not be repeated. The minimum to which you should strive for is three workouts per week.

6. Eat properly

Many nutritionists and nutritionists today recommend interval fasting, but you can switch to it only if you have no health restrictions. In any case, before making serious adjustments to the diet, you should consult a doctor or even several. Nevertheless, there are several general useful rules: abandon fast food, snacks and sweets, consume as many vegetables as possible, drink clean water.

7. Be in the moment

Most of the day (and ultimately life), many ask the question “like this, and what’s next?», Instead of enjoying the current moment. We are waiting for the cherished “later” when we allegedly can achieve all the goals, solve all problems, become richer, healthier, more beautiful. It seems that only then can we feel happy.