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In addition, the Zacks Premium service is similar to The Motley Fool because it focuses on U.S. stocks. However, Zacks Premium is unique because users can access a thoroughly ranked universe of stocks with grades A to F. The A-graded stocks make it to the Zacks Rank #1 list, which reflects a virtual portfolio that has made about 24% on average for over 20 years. Seeking Alpha surprises with simplicity and advanced features like quant ratings, pre-configured screeners and SEC-filings access.

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A review of Trade Ideas’ AI, Holly, and Trade Ideas prebuilt scans ‘Channel Bars’ are also covered with screenshots that can be enlarged. As for volume breakouts, you can scan for price breakouts using either the Breakouts module or the Pro Scanner. The Breakouts module allows you to quickly spot stocks that are crossing above or below a simple moving average or setting new 52-week highs or lows. In that sense, it’s a very useful tool for finding the widest possible selection of stocks to follow up on. Stocks that are trading with higher than average volume are likely experiencing more price volatility, which opens up opportunities to turn a quick profit.

Finviz – Best Free Stock Screener

They borrow the shares to sell from their broker, and hope to buy back those shares at a lower price, expecting to make money in the opposite direction of bulls. This way, you’re eliminating smaller cap stocks of lower valuation. Plus, the volume criteria eliminates a lot of the thinly traded stocks in the market. An easy way to scan for volatility and momentum is to filter for %gain or %loss on high volume.

For short-term traders, a real-time stock scanner can help you spot technical setups in real-time. For long-term investors, a scanner can help you sort companies based on their financial performance or potential growth. The requirements of a day trader differ from other trading methods like swing trading. The chosen day trading platform should meet the exact needs depending on the trading style. Also, stock trading is different from forex trading and futures trading.


It’s suitable for advanced users, but beginners also report success with the platform. If you want to put your portfolio on autopilot, Trade Ideas is one of the only truly autonomous tools on the market. However, automatic trading can be a gamechanger if you’re willing to set it up.

Benzinga Pro – Best Stock Screener for Swing Trading

However, what if there was a more straightforward way to day trade where you focus only on one ticker at a time. Many online brokerages provide tools to scan for stocks or other equities meeting a given set of criteria . We will discuss configuring them to check for stocks based on your criteria. Many different day trading scanners are available, each with its own features and benefits.

We also took into how well informed and helpful the representatives were and whether they held relevant financial licenses. Finviz Screenermakes it easy for you to sort stocks by criteria that suits your style. Not only that, Finviz mocks up charts of the stocks you screen for that are already pre loaded with basic technical indicators. They break it into main categories such as Fundamentals, Descriptive and Technical. As seen in this screenshot, I sorted by a few criteria and had them display as charts.


Card Dealer Pro uses computer vision and AI to automatically scan and identify any sports cards, and prepare them to be listed for sale on eBay, Shopify, and the CollX Marketplace. Trusting a scanner with precious cards is difficult, but the payoff in time savings and additional sales can be so worth it. Our team is eager to share their years of experience implementing scanning technology in sports card shops. We were able to quickly reach a representative and not left on hold. Their team offers personalized support, and clients can choose to be assigned an account representative to work directly with them.

Momentum scanners can help you get into a new trend near the beginning and also warn you to take profits and get out before a market reversal occurs. You can also screen for stocks where the stock price is a certain percentage greater than a major moving average (e.g., price 10%, or more, higher than the 50-period moving average). B) You can use a stock scanner that will identify all the stocks that meet your specified criteria for defining “stocks with strong momentum” in just a matter of seconds. Momentum day trading may suit you if you want to make money in the stock market.

Volume Candlesticks – How to Trade with this Powerful Indicator

The best day trading software and trading platform is needed to archive outstanding results day trading. Unfortunately, all of the mentioned trading software solutions require a paid subscription. So day traders have to consider spending about $300 per month for data feeds, charting software, day trading tools and day trading software. Real time tick data, intraday time frames, gap scans and pre-market scans make them an excellent choice for day traders. In addition, broker connections, API access and automated trade executions ensure the best possible trade quality. In addition, users gain access to the equity research reports for every stock Zacks covers.

Morningstar is a research firm, and the Morningstar Stock Grades are included in the basic filter. This gives investors easy access to Morningstar’s expert analysis within the screener. Morningstar also has screeners for exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. The tool itself is somewhat limited, but Morningstar does offer a Premium option for those who want to dive deeper into their searches. These are scans that are looking for a certain set of pre-determined criteria to match.

  • Make sure the stock screener you choose has capabilities that match your trading style.
  • In choosing the best brokers for day trading, we placed the greatest emphasis on the categories of commissions and fees, platform and technology and customer service.
  • When you are planning to buy a Scanner For Day Trading from dozens of models, you will definitely wish to get your desired color.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pay anything at all to get to powerful scanning features. Stock Rover, FinViz, StockFetcher, and TradingView each offer free stock scanners that you can start using today. The spread between the bid and ask is massive for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin. Also, the brokerage commissions reduce the net profit significantly. The benefit is that the pricing data is free, and you can use credit cards to fund a crypto account.

We think it’s always better to have live pricing data if you can get it, so we generally recommend our readers to go for Finviz Elite. Scanz includes access to the Level 2 order book for the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, so you know you’re getting the most accurate pricing information. By following the news, you can get a very good idea of which way the market will go. There’s no guarantee that history will repeat itself, and what worked in the past might not work in today’s market. Many of Stock Rover’s most notable features focus on good ol’ fashioned fundamentals. Each individual equity report includes a detailed evaluation of a wide array of investing factors and more than eight pages of in-depth analysis.

Accelerate Your Trading Journey

By providing you with an analysis of fully screened stocks, it takes the guesswork out of your trading decisions. This is arguably one of the best scanning tools available on the market . First off, it offers a wide variety of built-in scans designed to help you find unique trading opportunities. in penny stocks is challenging, but the potential payoffs can be enormous. Scanz has various subscription options, but the most affordable plan only includes the news screener. Day trading stocks is a lot more effective when investors work in groups.

The results of all the scans usually show up in the alerts window and comprise configurable column detailing the company name, time, price, symbol, volume, strategy, and more. Traders just need to scroll down the window in order to view the history of the alerts. Assuming you have either started day trading or are looking to get into the game, we are going to shock you in this article. What we’ll cover will hopefully save you many months of headaches and… For the list we’ve created, notice that the top candidate on our list is MRIN.

We’ve also limited the results to only stocks traded in the S&P 500. Traders looking for promising momentum trades often aren’t very concerned with the true market value of a stock. Instead, they are focused on the stock’s recent and current price action – more specifically, on gauging whether its price action is indicative of a strong trend. Momentum traders are typically short-term traders – either day traders looking for intraday profits or short to medium term swing traders. Day trading scanners are excellent for those who want to trade a different stock daily.

On top of that, it includes a wide array of popular indicators and overlays. As if that’s not enough, you can add up to five overlays and indicators for greater flexibility. TradingView is among the best stock scanner tools designed for both beginner and experienced traders.

The results will populate with potential breakout plays, as seen in this example of EGY below. The reverse side to this scan is simply the $ Loss and % Loss scans. Run these if you’re looking for an opportunity to short a continuation move, or go long on an oversold bounce.

You can sign up for Stock Rover for free and get complimentary access to premium features for a full two weeks when you join. Version 20 enables users to choose their preferred refresh interval, with choices ranging from real-time to hourly updates. The new premarket mode with the Pre Buzz column helps determine which stocks see unusual activity in the premarket. The newly released version 20 comes with multiple scanner improvements.

Still, as a day trader, you are better served to trade volatile stocks based on reliable stock quotes, low trading commissions by using great day trading brokerage platforms. Automated day trading software is a powerful solution for experienced traders. Automated day trading software eliminates potential human error when trading strategies and executing trades.